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Top 5 tips to help you get your perfect new job!


As the New Year draws near, many people take the opportunity to look for a new job.  So here are our top 5 tips to help you land your perfect role. Whether you are looking to work in social care, healthcare childcare or education, these basic tips could make all the difference.


1)     Review your CV. Before you start applying for positions, make sure you take your time to review and update your CV.  It’s surprising how many people just send over their old one, having added their current role to the bottom without checking the whole document.  It might be that you can improve it further if you take some time to go over it.  Try and make it more relevant for the type of role you are applying for this time around.

2)     Think about how you present yourself.  Try to get into the mind-set of the person who will be considering you for the job and show them how you are a match.  Put yourself in their shoes and think about what they will be looking for in a new employee. This might include your physical appearance, but also your manner and approach.  Taking some time to do this will help you make a good first impression but will also help you to approach interview questions in the most helpful way.

3)     Take your time to prepare for each interview.  Employers like to see evidence that a candidate has taken the time to research their organisation and find out about their setting.  It gives them confidence that the applicant is serious about the job and has a careful, professional approach.  It also shows that the candidate has considered their job application carefully and has selected that setting to apply.  It goes a long way to making a good impression during the interview and gives you the edge on any applicants who haven’t taken time out to do their homework.

4)     Smile.  It’s very simple and basic, but do make sure you come across as friendly and approachable at interview.  This makes a good first impression, but also helps show them that you are a person that they might like to work with and who would fit in to the team.  Try to be at ease and be yourself.

5)     Let them know you want the job.  Another simple concept, but an important one.  If you really want the job and think it would be the perfect position for you, tell them at the interview.  It’s surprising how many people leave the interview without getting this point across. Sometimes this can make a big difference.  If an employer knows how much you want the job it reassures them that they would be making the right decision in hiring you.  It also gives them more confidence that your commitment levels will be high and that it would be a good match.


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